Kosher Vaginas

[This is one of the only posts that I self-censored over the past 1000. So I toned it down a bit and here it is.]

Daphne Merkin points out 1/1/06 in the New York Times, "These are cruel times for vaginas." But judging from the glowing page-one coverage of her in the Observer, "These are good times for Daphne."

So is this lady a creative genius or what?

I've read her occasional books, her occasional reviews and her occasional essays. In those writings -- over a span of decades -- she has by dint of her startling self-revelations -- shown disrespect and disdain for many folk -- among them her mother, her father, her siblings, her Orthodox Jewish community and her peers in the literary community.

As a result of her repeated revelations, attacks and confessions, I'm guessing that more than a few people would be happy to line up to proffer her a good spanking, something for which she has an obsession, as she's proudly confessed in print in the New Yorker.

Meanwhile my safe bet is that she'll continue to locate vaginas all over the landscape as long as bored editors seek out her titillation, as in a memoirette about a purse that becomes a sexual fantasy of sorts ("Sometimes a Bag is Not Just a Bag") in the 2/26/06 Times,
In perhaps the most famous instance of psychoanalytic interpretation of this crucial female accoutrement, Freud's case history of the paradigmatic hysteric Dora alludes in passing to her playing with her "reticule" as representative of masturbating, and spells out that the small ivory box another female patient carried as well as Dora's dream about a jewel case were "only a substitute for the shell of Venus, for the female genitals."
Wow, she used the V-word and now she used the M-word too. Anyway, something with Daphne is not quite weighing in at the full 24 karats. But hey, we live in an age when a kooky celebrity male can essentially flaunt and act out his sexual preoccupations for boys and still live happily ever after. So, by comparison, are this not-so-frum dame's tame musings worthy of further notice?

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