Articles and Reviews of Jewish Interest from the Times

He Returns, With a Buzz By DAVE ITZKOFF After nearly a decade of standup shows, Jerry Seinfeld is back in a big-budget animated film as the voice of a bee.

Painfully Religious ... Review: "Now Shalom Auslander has entered the ring, flying off the ropes, pro-wrestling style, with his memoir, “Foreskin’s Lament,” a no-holds-barred affront to the G-d whose name is never uttered by the faithful under Jewish law."

Minnesota content (nothing Jewish but hey I worked in Dinkytown for 18 years): Here in Dinkytown a review of 'The Sabotage Café' By JOSHUA FURST
Reviewed by FIELD MALONEY. A novel about a runaway in the Minneapolis punk rock scene.
Movie review of “Terror’s Advocate,” Barbet Schroeder’s chilling, mesmerizing documentary about the French defense lawyer Jacques Vergès.
Speak No ‘Evil’ By DAPHNE MERKIN Why can’t we call the diabolical by its proper name?

And the best for last - a great article about the Lebewohl family deli business - Jack was in my class at YU -
A Counter History By ALEX WITCHEL Will there ever be room again for an old-style, family-run Jewish deli?

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