Jewish Week Editor Wonders Why He is Not Paid $619,700

Gary Rosenblatt and Richard Joel together put a 50-year-old rabbi into prison. Both of them thought they deserved a medal for that.

Now the rabbi is getting out on parole and Gary is wondering why Richard is a $619,700 university president and he is still the underpaid editor of the Jewish Week.

The moral of the story: Some medals are gold and some are tin.

From Gary's story's mid-section:

Allegations that the rabbi had sexually and psychologically abused scores of teenagers in NCSY had been made over a 30-year period, but no action was taken until his behavior was first reported in The Jewish Week in June 2000.

The rabbi was terminated the day after the article was published, and the OU commissioned an extensive study that found “profound errors of judgment” among the leadership of the organization and called for sweeping reforms.

Major personnel changes were made at the OU, and stricter policies regarding parental supervision of and involvement in youth activities at NCSY were put in place.

The Orthodox Union declined to comment on Rabbi Lanner’s impending release.

But Richard Joel, who chaired the independent OU investigation when he was head of international Hillel and is now president of Yeshiva University, noted that “the system of justice has worked, he [Rabbi Lanner] has served his time, and I hope he gets on with his life — in another field — and builds something with it because he is a very bright man.

“This whole matter is not just about Baruch Lanner,” he continued, “and it has made our community more aware, more vigilant,” and made people recognize that “the responsibility for the welfare of our children rests with each of us.”
Note how Rosenblatt quotes Joel's wisdom, as if it were wisdom. Ugh.

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