Wall Street Journal Reports on Childish Right Wing Antics

The level of political discourse in our country has been dragged down by Right Wing Nuts for years now.

It has hit another new low this week with the utterly infantile antics on the radio and on Fox News attacking and defending McCain and Dole.

Babies bawling. Enough already. The Wall Street Journal Reports on these Childish Right Wing Antics. Why do they spill ink over this?

A Rush to Defend Bob Dole

Alex Frangos reports from Newark, N.J., on the presidential race.

Sen. John McCain demanded rival Mitt Romney apologize to fellow Republican Bob Dole over comments Romney made this morning on Fox News.

Dole recently sent a letter to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh defending McCain’s conservatism. Limbaugh and a number of other conservative commentators have angrily criticized McCain since he entered the race. Asked to respond to the letter, Romney said, Dole is “probably the last person I would have wanted to have write a letter for me.”

McCain was indignant that Romney wouldn’t want a supportive letter from the former Senate majority leader, failed presidential candidate and Viagra pitchman. “It’s sad to see that comment about an American war hero who served our party so well,” McCain said on his chartered plane before taking off from Newark, N.J., to California. “Gov. Romney should apologize to Bob Dole,” he said. (Statement)


bryce said...

Maybe the title of your post shouldn't say:

Wall Street Journal Reports on Childish Right Wing Antics

but rather:

Wall Street Journal Childishly Reports on Right Wing Antics

neighbor said...

Those children play with the matches that have burnt our country all these years.