Arutz Sheva: Rav Shachter Leaves Israel Under Cloud of Doubt

First there was shuttle diplomacy. Now there is shuttle incitement.
Rabbi Schachter Leaves Suddenly Under Cloud of Doubt

(IsraelNN.com) Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Dean of Yeshiva University, left Israel suddenly Saturday night in the wake of an uproar over remarks he made last week regarding service in the IDF under a government willing to divide Jerusalem. The comments were broadcast on YouTube. Rabbi Schachter had said he would advise soldiers to leave the IDF rather than serve in an army that would "give away Jerusalem." He later apologized for the remarks, saying the statements "were uttered spontaneously, off the cuff and were not meant seriously."

According to a source who requested anonymity, the Rabbi was scheduled for a speaking engagement at a Beit Shemesh yeshiva Sunday, but cancelled hastily late Saturday night, saying he had to leave the country.

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Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

He should not have apologised!
These so called democratically elected leaders of the Jewish people you so revere should not be allowed to go on screwing the people who elected them.
They have no right to give weapons, money , electricity and the parts of holy land of Israel to our enemies.
Past Shabbos the rabbi of every shule should have given a drosha about the topic of the haftorah (reading fromthe prophets) that clearly reminds us that a political asasination of wicked "Jewish leaders" and a regime change in the land of Israel can be a very positive thing if done right !
PS. Since the dirty traitors have wasted money on buying arms for terrorists therre is no money in the treasury of the state of Israel
to buy gallows to hang them thus the head of the Israeli supreme court has asked me (of the record) to do the following fund-raiser in honor of the upcoming holiday of Purim explained in the link bellow:

since barring this they unfortunatly cannot implement the excelent suggestion of Rabbi Wolpo:-)