Jewish Weak Editor: Some Like Hershel Schachter, Some Don't

Leading YU Rabbi Shocks,Then Apologizes

But some in Orthodox community want Hershel Schachter disciplined for harsh statements against Israeli government.

Editor Gary Rosenblatt, who has not actually left his office to cover a news story for over 25 years, has kept that record intact with this week's armchair reportage of a redneck Rabbi's raving rants. Thin on the who, what, where and when of the events, and thinner yet on any understanding of religion and violence, Gary has "covered" the recent blow up with a story that vanishes into thin air.

Bravo. Not to many other journalists could take a hot potato and turn it into an ice cube. Amazing feat.


Anonymous said...



reject and denounce

Anonymous said...

"raving rants" ?

Your bias undermines you perceived intelligence and feigned integrity.

Did you HEAR the 30 second clip? do you know what you are talking about? RAVING RANTS?
I have heard the man many times, you can listen to his shiurim online if you want. THe man doesnt rave or rant ever.
He told a joke. did you hear it? it was so not a rant, not a rave, and not an instruction. it was a joke. off the cuff emphasis to illustrate the severity of what he was discussing.

the crime here is the rabble rousing idiot kid who sought to stir up an utold exponential amount of trouble for nothing.

there is real theodicy you can deal with this week what with don segel and the others.

you have a sick twisted bias and you editorialized your posts with it, when you are uninformed because you cant possibly know about which you speak.

Tzvee said...

ha-ha what a joker

Anonymous said...

until you hear it you cannot judge it on its merits

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

Does anyone have the link to the deleted video?
It can be recovered on one of the sites that access YouTube cache like:
I'd like to find it and repost it on my blogs as a follow up on Donate gallows to hang the traitors post:
to show that people seemingly more "moderate" than Rabbi Wolpo are also outraged by the criminal actions and inactions of the current government in Eretz Yisrael to call for drastic action (even more drastic than R. Wolpo himself proposed) even as a joke. As they say in Russian "V kajdoy shootkeh dolia pravdy"- every joke has a bit of truth to it.