Gut Yontiff Pontiff! Pope Will Have Quickie Meetings With Jews Before Passover

Gut Yontiff Pontiff!

The Pope will spend 20 minutes at Park East Synagogue before Passover in a "personal and informal visit, which is not part of his official program."

You can be sure that the humble Rabbi Schneier will speak about this visit for more than 20 minutes.

Smile for the camera!
Pope Benedict to greet Jewish leaders at Passover

Benedict XVI will greet Jewish leaders during his April 15-20 visit to the US, which occurs over Passover. Besides ecumenical meetings with other groups, he will go to express good will to Jews in Washington DC and New York.
By Spero News

According to a press release from the Catholic bishops of the United States, Pope Benedict XVI will pay two additional brief visits with members of the Jewish community during his time in the United States April 15-20. The celebration of the Jewish feast of Passover, occurs on April 19th during his visit.

On April 17 the Pope will meet with 200 interfaith leaders at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington DC. The meeting includes representatives from the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Jain and Hindu communities.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Pope will meet briefly with the religious representatives of the Jewish community “to present to them a message of his cordial greetings for the imminent feast of Passover,” explained Monsignor David Malloy, who is serving as national coordinator for the visit and is General Secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The following day the Pope will travel to New York City. That evening, on his way to a prayer service with other Christian leaders, he will make a brief visit to the Park East Synagogue, which is near the residence of the Holy See’s Observer to the United Nations where he will be residing.

“By this personal and informal visit, which is not part of his official program, His Holiness wishes to express his good will toward the local Jewish community as they prepare for Passover,” Milwaukee Wisconsin-native Msgr. Malloy explained. The visit to the Park East Synagogue is scheduled to last about 20 minutes.


John D. Enright said...

According to a JTA Breaking News article entitled Interfaith official: Pope will clarify prayer "The Vatican will issue a letter within a week aimed at easing Jewish fears that the Catholic Church wants to convert them, said the chairman of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations, Rabbi David Rosen." The article further states "'If we have confirmation that it is an epistomological prayer and implies no change in Jewish-Catholic relations, then I think we should be content with that and continue dialogue as before,' Rosen told JTA."

Tzvee said...

AntiSemitism clarified is just clarified antiSemitism.