AmericaBlog: Politicians Declare War on the Clergy

The attack from the right on this funny liberal clergy guy raises the stakes to the next level.

Are you comfortable with open season on the clergy?

I am. The "religious" right will lose a whole lot more than the "godless" left!

Do Catholics really want a Clinton deciding what their priests can say from the pulpit?

John Aravosis (DC)

The house guest who overstayed her welcome is at it again. This time Hillary isn't attacking some fringe pastor, she's bashing Father Michael Pflegler, a well-known Catholic priest who is, according to Joe Sudbay (who knows him personally), "an amazing activist for social justice." (Check out Fr. Pflegler's resume, it's rather incredible.)

Hillary is again upset with Obama that a man of the cloth said something Hillary didn't like. And, as usual, her attack-dog campaign manager, Howard Wolfson, is telling priests how to run their churches. That's bad enough, but this time, Hillary may have pushed her luck too far. Put aside for a moment the fact that the race is over, and in 5 days Hillary will have to concede - so she really should stop with the destructive attacks against our party's nominee. No, the bigger problem for Hillary is that this time she is demonizing for political gain a well-known and beloved progressive activist who has done a heck of a lot of good in his life - and to boot, he's a prominent Catholic priest in Chicago, well-loved in his community.

Call me crazy, but I'm going to bet most Catholics don't want Hillary Clinton deciding what their priests can and can't say from the pulpit. (Not to mention, whether it's Monica's love-life or Bobby Kennedy's assassination, I'm not sure any Clinton has the right to pull the moral high ground on anyone, let alone a priest.)

I'm not even going to reprint the details of this story, because why help Hillary in her campaign to get John McCain elected (though for you progressive women out there, you ought to be scared to death about what Hillary and her friends at EMILY's List are doing to our chances to keep Roe v. Wade the law of the land in the next administration). This time Hillary is bashing the Catholic Church, and unlike some of the more progressive Christian religions, the Catholics don't take lightly to holier-than-thou government officials telling them how to run their faith.


Anonymous said...

this is the sickest most twisted spin. the double standard and hypocrisy here is so moronic it is embaarassing.
Hagee? hello?
This fruit has a sick history, a woeful record and called clinton a racist.
But she's bad for being upset?
Wow. the olbermann spin on things knows no bounds. and im a liberal and once again embarassed at my fellows.

Tzvee said...

wow, they can dish it out but they sure can't take it

Anonymous said...

Dish what?

You people with the hypocrisy and double standards are no different that the karl rovian spinartists on the other side. you are all the same deceitful dishonest bias spinners.

Yes, what if a methodist clergyman got up at a pulpit and decalred barack obama to be a racist race baiting black supremacist bigot? How would you react???

Please. pot calling kettle white.

Anonymous said...


Tzvee said...

I believe that polls will show that this video snippet will not hurt Obama any more than anti-Hillary SNL comedy skits hurt Obama. White people can make fun of other white people, just as I can tell jokes about Jews, and blacks can use the N word. You have to study culture to understand it, and not try to impose your wishes on it. My expectation is that these pastor problems will lead to a full blown purge of all clergy from political campaigns. It's not a great loss since they were there to help turn out the vote and to serve as window dressing. Clergy have little real power and no influence that I can trace over policy in this country. But don't let reality intrude into your armchair reveries.

Anonymous said...

how about the law for tax exempt houses of worship?

Anyways, the archdioses of chicago has had its say.

bryce said...

Obama's favorite clergymen deserve much of the criticism they're getting. And Obama, by connection.

John D. Enright said...

I don't know why this man identifies himself as a Catholic priest. I looked at his website, and it appears that his parish is nothing other than a fundamentalist protestant denomination. He supports anti-white, anti-Israel, and yes, anti-Catholic causes. He refers to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Catholic's holiest and profound liturgy) as a "Worship Service" which uses a "table" rather than an altar. He's an embarrassing heretic who should be removed by Cardinal George, the Archbishop of Chicago.

Tzvee said...

if you say so john i do not disagree.