Haaretz Sorts Out Pastor Hagee and John McCain and the Holocaust

Shmuel Rosner Chief U.S. Correspondent: 5 questions about Pastor Hagee and the Holocaust

David Brog (short bio here) is Executive Director of Christians United for Israel, the organization founded by Pastor John Hagee (A dialogue I had with Brog two years ago is here).

Last week, Hagee was involved in a controversy - not for the first time - that resulted in a decision by presidential candidate John McCain to publicly reject Hagee's endorsement. McCain did this after is was revealed that Hagee "once described Adolf Hitler as a divine agent sent to force the Jews back to Israel" (more about this story here). In a written interview, Brog tries to explain Hagee's remarks.

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John D. Enright said...

I made this comment on this blog on another page: "[Hagee] supports the State of Israel not for the sake of the Jews, but rather, because he believes that the restoration of the Jews to Israel is sine qua non necessary in the eschatological sense for the Second Coming of Christ and the Kingdom of God. See http://tzvee.blogspot.com/2007/03/pope-
insists-hell-is-real-and-only-he.html on this blog. (The server doesn't want me to hotlink this page for some reason.)

Ben Stein's blog at Politico.com has more:
Hagee's eschatology

Remember what Don Vito Corleone said (apparently quoting Sun-tzu): "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."