Tzvee's Analysis: Hamas Wants McCain Victory

The WSJ reports today, "Democratic Hold on Jewish Vote Could Slip,"

Republicans are betting that, voting records aside, they can foster doubts about how firmly an Obama administration would back Israel against its enemies. On the campaign trail, Sen. McCain routinely has said that as president, he will be the "worst nightmare" of Hamas, a militant Palestinian organization that he has attempted to link to Sen. Obama. "A spokesperson from Hamas said that he approves of Sen. Obama's candidacy," Sen. McCain said May 9, referring to top Hamas political adviser Ahmed Yousef's statement of support for Sen. Obama.

Sen. Obama has repeatedly rejected the nod, telling the Atlantic magazine recently: "They are a terrorist organization, and I've repeatedly condemned them."

Tzvee's Analysis:

Hamas has the Internet. Undoubtedly they know that their endorsement of any American presidential candidate will cost him votes, Jewish votes, American votes.

Hamas virtually endorsed Obama. Obviously, they hope that will cost him votes and that McCain will win.

Why is that? Why would Hamas want McCain to win?

Because under Bush, Hamas came to power. They won the Palestinian election and now control Gaza.

They are doing all they can to help McCain win so that they can increase their power in "Bush's third term."



John D. Enright said...

What a strange, paranoid and indefensible opinion is displayed by this utterly silly post, Rabbi. I think you should simply erase this entire post rather than sully your reputation as a purveyor of the bizarre. (Of course, you could publish your blog entries as a book entitiled Tzvee's Believe It or Not. (I think I would tend to NOT believe!)

I don't think that Hamas is politically sophisticated enough to employ a machiavellian scheme such as you describe. Where do you see this secret ploy to propel McCain to the Presidency? What would that gain Hamas? You have to face it, Rabbi. Obama is soft on the security of Israel, while McCain is solid.

Check your blood sugar level. An imbalance of insulin can spur acute episodes of paranoia. Other than that, you might be screwed since paranoids don't usually do well with psychotherapy.

I'm sorry for the unusually harsh tone in this comment, but I really think you've lost it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should see:


John D. Enright said...

Even though I'm not particularly a supporter of McCain, I appreciate your sense of balance. Good job, bryce!

Anonymous said...

There's a second video that goes along with the first:


In addition, I'd comment on one line in Tzvee's post:
"Because under Bush, Hamas came to power. They won the Palestinian election and now control Gaza."

What Tzvee wants us to think is:
"Because of Bush, Hamas came to power. They won the Palestinian election and now control Gaza."

Tzvee Zahavy said...

i do admit that my conclusion is based on doublethink and you won't hear it from the mainstream.