Silly Salon Speculation of the Day: Discussion of a McCain-Lieberman Ticket

Is this silly season in the presidential campaign? There is zero chance of a McCain- Lieberman ticket. Yet Salon discusses it as serious possibility:
...in a presidential year filled with firsts (African-American nominee, serious woman candidate, former POW to be his party's standard-bearer), Lieberman retains the intriguing potential to become the first Jewish, party-crossing, second-time-around vice-presidential nominee in American history...more


John D. Enright said...

Yeah, I agree that this ticket would be silly. I have to qualify that, however, because I simply love Sen. Lieberman.

You know, Rabbi, that I'm not a traditional conservative: I oppose the death penalty; I favor gun control laws, etc. Lieberman is a guy I to whom I can relate. Without a doubt, if he were the Democratic candidate for President, I would vote for him.

Anonymous said...

would it have been silly if lieberman got the dem nomination in 04 and had chosen mccain (who wanted to defect from the gop) as his running mate>