Suburbanite: Teaneck Lawn Signs Stolen

We condemn these disrespectful political acts in our home town.
Campaign Signs - Thieves steal free speech
by Howard Prosnitz - October 21, 2008

Two longtime township residents backing opposing candidates in the presidential election campaign have become victims of anonymous attempts to silence their political views.

Yigal Marcus told Teaneck Suburbanite that a McCain/Palin sign was removed from his front lawn in the early morning on Oct. 6.

Marcus said the sign was intact when he left his Dickerson Road home at 6 a.m. When he returned less than two hours later, the sign was gone.

He noted that an Obama sign on the house across the street was untouched.

There was clearly a choice. It is a fair assumption that whoever took the McCain sign was trying to quell Obama opponents.

A lifelong township resident, Marcus said he has ordered a hundred additional McCain/Palin signs which he plans to distribute to his neighbors.

But he said that the issue was not the particular candidate but the threat to free speech.

"It is unacceptable behavior to steal a sign and not allow people to freely express their opinions. It would be just as bad if it had been an Obama sign. It is an act that undermines democracy," Marcus said.

On Riverview Drive, Harold Salwen reported that an Obama sign was removed from his front lawn.

Salwen, who has lived in the same house at the corner of Riverview Drive and River Road since 1959, then set up a second sign on his lawn. The following day that sign was gone. Salwen found parts of the frame on Churchill Road almost directly across from his home.

Unlike Marcus, Salwen reported the thefts to Teaneck Police....more

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