Video: Young Frum Orthodox Jews Turning to Barack Obama and Joe Biden

The young and frum (religious) Orthodox Jews in Teaneck are finally and correctly rejecting John and Sarah and they are turning to Barak an Joe.

For instance, perhaps because we have had an Obama sign on our lawn since before Purim, a the mom of a frum, young, educated and thoughtful family on our block told my wife today that they were for McCain but now they are seriously considering voting for Obama.

Let me say that the tide is turning finally - in the right direction for Jews who care about Israel, who worry about the economy, who fret over health care, who want the best for our country, our society and above all for our children.

Please take a minute to watch this young frum Orthodox mom in Boston who made this quite professional and eloquent YouTube One Jewish Mom for Obama video:
[H.T. to Teaneck Progress blog]

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