Better Jewish Lessons from the Madoff Affair via the Times' Robin Pogrebin

Try, try again. Not satisfied with the answers it got at Yeshiva University yesterday, the Times sent a writer out for better post-Madoff Affair Jewish lessons.

These Jewish figures cited below (and a bit of what they said) are in tomorrow's article about Jewish Lessons of the Madoff Affair via the Times' Robin Pogrebin:
  • Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple in Los Angeles: After you die, God will demand of you, Were you honest in your business dealings?
  • Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky, Congregation Ansche Chesed in New York: Judaism has highly developed mechanisms for not letting people control money without ample checks and balances.
  • Bradley Burston, columnist for haaretz.com: Bernard Madoff is like Santa Claus' gift to the anti-semite.
  • Burton L. Visotzky, professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary: If a Jew takes a loan out, in some ways the whole Jewish community guarantees it.
  • Rabbi Jennifer Krause (pictured above), author: The Talmud teaches that a person who only looks out for himself and his own interests will eventually be brought to poverty.
A well written and thoughtful newspaper essay. Much more to be said.

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Unknown said...

Seems to me there is another lesson here: The danger of covetousness. What drew so many to Mr Madoff was the promise of so much for so little, wanting something for nothing, a symptom of covetousness.

I think that we should always ask ourselves the question: "Am I content with what I have been given?" Then thank G*d each and every day for being able to answer: "Yes".