A New Chapter in the Stinking Tale of Mukasey, Mukasey, DiPascali, Merkin and Madoff

AP reports that Attorney General Michael Mukasey has "recused himself" from the Madoff Affair because his son represents the Madoff front man Frank DiPascali.

Wait, wait, wait a minute. It should be the other way around. Your dad is the AG of the United States of America. You don't accept a job with the bad guys.

Could this be true? The AG's son, Marc Mukasey, accepted money from Madoff's deputy to "represent" him?

Marc Mukasey ought to know better than to get involved in any way in the scam of the century. Or is this step one in Madoff's payoff campaign to receive a quick Bush presidential pardon?

Just when you thought the odor of this scandal had leveled off, this raises the smell to a whole new height. It stinks to the highest of heavens.
At the Justice Department, a spokesman said that Attorney General Michael Mukasey had recused himself from the investigation into Madoff. Mukasey's son, Marc Mukasey, is representing Frank DiPascali, a top financial officer at Madoff's investment firm...

DiPascali was the Madoff employee who had the most day-to-day contact with his investors. Several described him as being the man they got on the phone when they had questions about the firm's investment strategy, or wanted to add or subtract money from their accounts.

Authorities have not said publicly whether DiPascali is suspected of any wrongdoing.

"We are trying to learn the facts like everybody else," Marc Mukasey said in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.
Marc. Please give this man back his retainer. Use a scintilla of common sense. Don't touch this.

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