Rocky Mountain News: The Tale of Colorado Con Man Arnold Zaler on the Lam in Jerusalem

Lest you think all Jewish con men like Madoff and Merkin come out of New York City, here's a sordid tale of scammery out of the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado and and Arizona.
Candidate to con man: Deli owner in string of scams said to be living free in Israel
By Sara Burnett, Rocky Mountain News

Arnold Zaler stood before a federal magistrate judge on the morning of March 11, about to pull off one of his best scams yet.

The businessman known to most as "Arnie" was charged with 30 counts of bank and wire fraud for a scheme involving his kosher hot dog company and Denver's biggest sports venues.

If convicted, he faced more than 30 years in prison.

The judge, with no objection from prosecutors, set Zaler's bail at $25,000, unsecured. Zaler could go free without posting any money or property, but he had to agree not to leave the state of Colorado.

That same day Zaler turned over his passport and temporary travel documents issued by Israel, where he has told people he has dual citizenship.

Thirteen days later, he boarded a Delta Air Lines flight in Atlanta, bound for Jerusalem, the FBI has since learned.

Authorities here haven't seen him since.... all the sordid details here....

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