Yeshiva University Student Newspaper Gives J. Ezra Merkin a Good Spanking

The YU student newspaper has released a scathing story about former board member and former investment committee chairman J. Ezra Merkin who lost $110 million of the University's endowment by investing it through his Ascot Fund with the now notorious Bernie Madoff.

The article distances YU from Merkin, by saying that nobody there ever liked him, that he was difficult to work with and that his actions on behalf of the school were sketchy at best. It goes on and on in most unflattering terms .... here.

Combine this with the negative page six business section Times story today about how Merkin trusted Madoff ("Firm That Trusted a Disgraced Investor") and you'd have to say it was not a good day for the fellow. He got quite a (well earned) spanking in the press.

Not to worry about this man. The Merkins like to be spanked.

[Hat tip to Henry.]


Nachum said...

Ha! I remember when his sister came to speak at the Hamptons Synagogue. I bet no one there had read her previous work- except for a friend of mine, who raised his hand and publically asked her whether the coldness she felt from her father as decribed in her latest book created in her a desire for parenting that led to her spanking fetish. The entire congregation gasped, the rabbi tried to take over, but she answered easily enough. ("If I didn't want people asking about it, I wouldn't have written about it.")

richie said...

Merkin is & always has been a rude,arrogant lowlife.YU always knew that,but most of their board is no different.These are evil people and Yu and other jewish institutions need to stop equating wealth with brains or honesty.Merkin had lucky sperm,as did many yu board members.Morry weis the board chairman married into his wealth & where is his sense of responsibility here?

Anonymous said...

The real error is the sense of entitlement. Hermann Merkin told his children," always remember, you are a Merkin." So they did. That in a nutshell is the problem. There are a lot of Orthodox Jewish kids with the attitude, " Do you know who I am?" This is a downfall that began generations ago. To the YU board it is proof positive that these are not business geniuses. These are for the most part scoundrels.