Forward: Judge Merkin Before the Rabbis in a Court of Torah Law

Quite a thoughtful essay by Chaim Saiman in the Forward, "The Long Arm of Halacha: Jewish Law and the Madoff Scandal." One salient observation among many...
Under American law, the case against Merkin will proceed as a commercial dispute centering on the law of contracts, partnerships, fiduciaries and securities regulation. But these legal categories fail to express the depth of the communal shock and outrage over the events that have come to light in the past few weeks. To Jewish charities and institutions, this case is about more than limited partners (the legal status of the hedge fund investors) claiming they were duped by greedy and inept management. Rather, this is a story of how the titans of finance were placed at the helm of Modern Orthodoxy’s most prestigious institutions, were given control over vast sums of communal funds and got caught up in the biggest scandal in Wall Street’s history.
But really we wonder. Are there any rabbinic courts out there that could handle such a case?

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This might be a good discussion topic for Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier to present at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue.