FT Headline Calls J. Ezra Merkin Madoff's "Rabbi"

FT steps close to the out-of-bounds line with this headline below.

We know FT means that Merkin was a big asset in husbanding funds to Madoff. But still the headline makes us queasy.

Substitute in ‘Jew’ for ‘Rabbi’ and see how that sounds to you. Not good.
The pivotal ‘Rabbi’ in Madoff’s fundraising
By Deborah Brewster and Henny Sender
Ezra Merkin, a money manager and leading member of New York’s tightly knit Modern Orthodox Jewish community, is emerging as pivotal in raising money for Bernard Madoff’s fraud.

Mr Merkin will soon step down as chairman of the board of GMAC, the financing arm of General Motors, as a result of conditions set under the government bailout package for the troubled carmaker.

But he is best known in his world as “the Rabbi”, and it was his role in the well-heeled Modern Orthodox community which was pivotal in enabling Madoff to tap into a lucrative web of charities, schools and wealthy synagogue members....more.

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Anonymous said...

The President of the Fifth Avenue Synagogue is more powerful than any rabbis who have ever served there as official functionary.

He is receiving the recognition that is due.