Old Student Editors Reunite with New President Richard Joel at Yeshiva University for a Light Dinner and Discussion of the Future

I'm not sure this event is open to the public, or by invitation, or how you can get set up to get that "light dinner." Try calling Paula or Danielle mentioned in the post for details if you are interested.

We do hope the discussion of "future...challenges" actually will cover the you-know-who scandals, but we doubt that it will because that's part of the past and present and the new YU is all about the future.

Ripped from the YU.EDU website:

Event Information
Title: Reunion for "The Commentator" Editor-in-Chiefs
Date:Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Time: 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Calendar: Yeshiva University Events
Contact: Paula Cassidy
School: Yeshiva University
Location: Belfer 1214
Submitter's Name: Danielle Rohatiner
Submitter's Phone: 212-960-5354

Complete Description:
Past editors of "The Commentator" gather with President Richard M. Joel to discuss YU today, its future direction and challenges. A light dinner will be served.

Committee members:
Sender Cohen
Zev Eleff
Ari Goldman
Lance Hirt
Dean Ira Jaskoll
Morton Landowne
Murray Laulicht
Josh Muss
Zev Nagel
Gary Rosenblatt


Anonymous said...

did they actually bother to inform or invite any former editors??? because i have been in touch with several who have never heard of this until your blog post.

Anonymous said...

Gary Rosenblatt was invited - to be defanged.

As Hillel would agree, everyone is welcome who might/could/will advance the luster, reputation and prestige of the Center for the Jewish Fuehrer.

Anonymous said...

Nagel, Muss, these names represent the intellectual elite. That's what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

aaah. ok . so it was only for current generation 21st century commie editors related to yu board gazillionaires so that pr name recognition circulates?

some things never change.

Anonymous said...

related to? These are the real thing, born to reign.

Lance, a lot.