Politonomist Lists 10 Biggest Madoff Losers

We walked by 133 E. 64th Street during lunch today hoping to get a look at the historic moment of Bernie Madoff going to jail. The judge disappointed us and let him stay free on bail. But all was not lost as we did get to chat with a charming Bloomberg reporter.

Politonomist has compiled a list of the 10 biggest Madoff losers (for some reason in reverse order, so we fixed that). Not a happy list to be on.

10 Biggest Madoff Losers

1. Fairfield Greenwich Group - $7.3 billion.
2. Tremont Capital - $3.3 billion.
3. Santander Bank - $3.1 billion.
4. Kingate Management Ltd. - $2.8 billion.
5. J. Ezra Merkin - $1.8 billion.
6. HSBC - $1.5 billion.
7. Access International - $1.4 billion.
8. Fortis Bank - $1.4 billion.
9. UBP Union Bancaire Privée - $1.1 billion.
10. The Royal Bank of Scotland - $600 million.

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Anonymous said...

Picower Foundation, a charity claiming to be worth a billion dollars, closed its doors because of Madoff. Why are they not on the list?