Silly Season at the Times: Why Bernie Madoff is Like Serial Killer Ted Bundy

It's mainly a good summary and synthesis of what we know about Bernie Madoff, the man, to this date.

Then the Times' article it get weird, citing the work of J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist, author of a textbook, “The Psychopathic Mind.”

The discussion turns to why Madoff is like serial killer Ted Bundy.

We say, Why not compare him with Hitler?

Everyone knows that all honesty is the same and all crimes are different. And this silly comparison tells me -- that we are growing tired of the Madoff story.

The strange essay ends:
INDEED, if it is shown that Mr. Madoff fooled regulators for decades, that would have been a “heady, intoxicating” experience and would have fueled a sense of entitlement and grandiosity, Mr. McCrary says.

And by reeling in people from the Jewish community, from charities, from public institutions and from prominent and relatively sophisticated investor networks worldwide, Mr. Madoff wreaked havoc on many lives.

That’s why Mr. McCrary says it’s not too far-fetched to compare Mr. Madoff to serial killers.

“With serial killers, they have control over the life or death of people,” Mr. McCrary explains. “They’re playing God. That’s the grandiosity coming through. The sense of being superior. Madoff is getting the same thing. He’s playing financial god, ruining these people and taking their money.”
Yes, it is too far-fetched.

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