Times: Prosecutors want to jail that bum Bernard Madoff

We think Bernard Madoff is one of the biggest bums (we don't like to use coarse terms like 'scumbag') ever to walk the streets of New York City.

We hail the prosecutors who want to throw him right in jail. This makes perfect sense to us.

You throw the book at the bum who flaunts the law, who rips off charities and colleges, who perpetrates a gigantic fraud that goes on for years and covers the globe. He admitted it! You lock the guy up and throw away the key.

All hail Bernard Madoff for giving the prosecutors an excuse for slamming him right in the slammer.

Report to prison Mr. Madoff! And pack a toothbrush cause you ain't never goin' home.
Prosecutors Want Madoff’s Bail Revoked

Contending that Bernard L. Madoff sent at least a million dollars worth of jewelry as gifts to family members and friends last month, federal prosecutors asked a judge on Monday to revoke his bail and send him to jail....more


Anonymous said...

You mentioned in a subsequent post of a shift of attitude from trust to cynicism. Allowing people like Bernie Madoff to remain under house arrest in a posh residence does absolutely nothing but stoke the fires of cynicism.

I think the prosecutor knew he had screwed up royally by consenting to house arrest, but couldn't backtrack on it. When it was discovered that B. Madoff had sent items to his sons in violation of a court order freezing his assets, that gave the prosecutor the excuse he needed to go back and (try to) fix this atrocious and ridiculous situation - although the judge is bucking him at this point. Jeers to the judge.

Anonymous said...

Jeers, is that the name of his butler?