NY Post: You can swim there in the nude but uttering the name Madoff is taboo at the Jewish Harmonie Club

In 2005 the Times wrote about how the male members of the Harmonie Club (that does not sound right) as a rule still swam nude in their pool.

A funny Madoff story about the club appeared today - by the Page Six gossipper at the NY Post.
THE name of Bernard Madoff is so poisonous that its mere mention has been banned at one prominent Jewish club.

Laurence Leamer tells us he was invited to Manhattan's Harmonie Club on March 5 to speak about his book, "Madness Under the Royal Palms: Love and Death in Palm Beach," with one non-negotiable stipulation - the alleged Ponzi scammer's name was not to be uttered...more...
PS: The doorman at the club told me recently that the food is good and that the members drink a lot.

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