Times Online: Madoff Never Attended J. Ezra Merkin's Fifth Avenue Synagogue

The Time Online from London has a review of the Madoff victim list supposedly with a geocoded google map (the link has not worked so well for me) - "Mapping Bernard Madoff's $50bn 'fraud'"

Author Suzy Jagger tells us at the end of her article,
Mr Madoff was able to perpetrate wealthy, elite social circles - which would normally be networks closed to outsiders - through key individuals (often hedge fund managers) who introduced new clients to his business.

For example, Mr Madoff was able to break into the wealthy Jewish set in New York, mainly through introductions by J Ezra Merkin, the president of the Fifth Avenue synagogue - the richest of its kind in America.
She then says, "While Mr Madoff is Jewish, he never visited the Fifth Avenue Syngogue himself."

I've emailed Suzy to ask where she got this last datum.

I don't doubt it - I just wanted to confirm it because it's just curious to me that he never even attended the shul that provided him with so much capital via his friend and associate J. Ezra Merkin, president of the wealthy synagogue.

Suzy emailed me back:
I doorstepped the Fifth Ave synagogue on Xmas Day and spoke to a congregant who was leaving a Hanukkah service. He told me that Madoff had never worshipped at the synagogue. I have that chap's name in my notebook somewhere if you need me to dig it out.

Hope that helps. Thanks for reading The Times.
Yes, thanks Suzy, we don't really need his name. We do like your work.

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Anonymous said...

From an article in the New York Post:

"Merkin is said to have given Madoff, who does not belong to the synagogue, access to a slew of universities and Jewish organizations."