Bernard L. Madoff Goes to Jail

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Justice has prevailed. Madoff today went to jail.


Talmudist said...

As bad as what he did was, and as much as justice has prevailed, it's still sad to hear about any Jew going to jail.

Robert said...

Nonsense. It shames the entire Jewish people that Madoff did what he did. He belongs in jail and the notion that Jews are somehow to be differentiated from others when the issue is criminality is actually shocking, if not somewhat racist.

Richard said...

Being Jewish has nothing to do with it. The only thing to think about is how many young Jewish kids will be denied their scholarships because of this jerk? How many Jewish Scientists will be denied funding? Think about what he has taken away. Madoff deserves rot in jail for his entire term. The only sad thing to hear is that he is in seventies and is very unlikely to serve out the sentence. Justice may have prevailed, but restitution will never be forthcoming.

Robert said...

In terms of Madoff's obligations as a Jew (and I submit as a decent human being) his apology comes nowhere close to truly making tshuvah for his crimes. He is clearly protecting his family to the extent that any of the stolen money went to them. His guilty plea and non-cooperation robs the Government of leverage to get any of the stolen money and property back as he clearly has decided that a sentence reduction is insufficient incentive to cooperate.