The continuing soap opera of the legal woes of fallen Jewish financiers Madoff, Merkin and their ilk

Yes, we are weary of the Madoffs, the Merkins, and all of their ilk. They are in the system now.

The papers report, no surprises, more people have sued J. Ezra Merkin (cityfile, with court documents appended) and sob, sob, he wants the judge to give him his money baaaack (Times).

Another big surprise. Madoff did not act alone, someone helped him make up fake trading tickets -really?

Can you imagine? Victims of Madoff are clamoring to holler at him when he pleads guilty on Thursday... I am not shocked.

Ruth Madoff needs her own lawyer. No! Really?
This is Purim brothers, for Jewish heroes - a happy holiday.
This is Purim brothers, for Jewish villians - stay away.

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