Daily News' Michael Daly tells Ruth Madoff where to go - back to Far Rockaway

When anger and humor mix you sometimes get a strong compound that reeks of the heavy sweet smell of sarcasm. That's what Michael Daly served up to us in his Daily News take down of Ruth Madoff, see below.

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Ruth Madoff's ideal home should be back in Far Rockaway
BY Michael Daly

The perfect new home for Ruth Madoff is in Far Rockaway, just a few sea-scented blocks from the high school where she and Bernie were an item.

Even if the government seizes the penthouse and the Palm Beach mansion and the Montauk getaway and the French bungalow and the millions in cash, Ruth should get enough in Social Security to afford one of the $700-a-month studios for rent on Seagirt Blvd.

If she acts quickly, she can even take advantage of a special offer by the proprietors of the Wavecrest Gardens complex.

"One month rent free," promises an Internet ad.

Of course, the 557-square-foot apartment may seem a bit too cozy after the penthouse. She could consider it excellent preparation for a 75-square-foot jail cell in the event she ends up behind bars.

In the meantime, the apartments are directly across the street from the beach where Bernie once served as a lifeguard. She can stroll the boardwalk remembering happier times, and maybe ponder whatever happened.

If Ruth ambles up Beach 20th St., she may encounter a few elderly panhandlers from the nursing home. Not to worry. She is a woman who could clutch millions knowing her husband had robbed so many people of their life savings. She should have no trouble at all just striding past an outstretched hand.

The Beach 25th St. subway stop is only a short walk away. Right by there is Far Rockaway High School. Ruth Madoff would be right back where she started, while the prosecutors decide where she should end up.

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