The Iran Apologetics of the Times' Roger Cohen

We add a voice to the chorus of those attacking Roger Cohen for his recent pro-Iranian apologetics. Cohen wrote a column saying that some Jews were happy as clams in Iran. That meant to him that we had Iran all wrong. It was not really a bad antisemitic place.

In his follow up column, Cohen did some Olympic backpedaling culminating in this bon mot, "But the equating of Iran with terror today is simplistic."

We don't have the patience or expertise to rebut in minute detail the claims of Cohen, who by the way, we presume is a Jewish columnist, making his defense of Iran's regime more galling and puzzling.

We do, over here at Tzvee's blog, read a lot of headlines (and sometimes beyond the headlines). What we have read convinces us that there is a pernicious danger in Iran for the West in general and for the Jews and Israel in particular.

The analogy many make of Ahmadinejad's regime to that of Hitler and the Third Reich was never meant to be a precision point-by-point equation. When Cohen trots out some happy Jews in Iran that does not mitigate what we fear and criticize about the current leadership of that country.

We shudder because Iran's worldview is governed by and centered on its antipathy to Israel, Zionism and the Jews who support that. We cringe because Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust - a stance which the world has judged to be the undeniable mark of a rabid antisemitic global thesis.

What makes Ahmadinejad like Hitler is that his professed philosophy of statecraft is strongly motivated by antisemitism. Gevalt! Ahmadinejad is not a clone of Hitler - we all know that. When Cohen admits this saying, "If you’re thinking trains-on-time Fascist efficiency, think again," we cry foul. We never made the claim that Mahmoud was Adolf's long lost secret Aryan love child.

So without cranking through all the hazy rhetoric, let me just plead with Roger Cohen. There are plenty of red flags here to alert us to a pernicious scheme.

Roger, don't be the like the SEC ignoring years of detailed warnings from Markopolous about the evils of Madoff.

We agree with you that the signs of danger should not be blown out of proportion.

Please agree with us that they should not be blown off entirely.

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