Is Bernie Madoff's Accountant David G. Friehling Jewish?

Yes, accountant David G. Friehling who has been charged with fraud in connection with Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, is a Jew.

He provided fake auditing services to Madoff’s bogus business for more than a decade and operated out of a storefront office in Rockland County.

The Times reports that Friehling serves on the board of the Rockland Jewish community center, thusly implying his identity as a Jew.

Unfortunately, in its story about Friehling, the Daily News published an antisemitic slur by one of his New City neighbors,
Neighbors said the accountant, who generally kept to himself, deserved whatever punishment came from the scandal.

"They always want more money, these guys," said Thomas Cooney, 44. "The more money they get, the more they want - and they think they can get away with it."


Anonymous said...

This is not antisemitism, it's about Jews in particular, but about that type of people who always want more money. I can't see antisemitism in this statement

Anonymous said...

To Johan. Totally obvious. There is no anti-Jewsih rhetoric in the statement that "They always want more money, these guys." It is about rentiers, people whom make money on money, the moneyed class. These particular jokers just happened to be Jews. Yada, yada, yada...