Mark Seal in Vanity Fair: Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity, Crying and Whining along with the Mannerisms and Tics of Madoff and His Naive Dupes

I have sympathy for those who have lost money with Madoff. But this latest treatment is too much. Why? Because among all the chronicled criers and whiners (who have every right to express their grief and angst) there should have been a fair balance of quotes or clips of the sensible people who undoubtedly are out there. You know, the people who could say, Yes I had a million dollars and now it is gone. Stuff happens. We will take a deep breath and then we will move on.

I recall, when I was getting my marriage license in downtown New York in 1974 with my soon-to-be-wife at my side, we stopped in the post office to mail a letter. And I put down my very nice new camera for a minute to drop the envelope in the slot, and when I turned around the camera was gone. Some quick fingered goniff made off with it (ha, a pun). I got over that.

I recall, when I came out from studying for exams at the Rockefeller library at Brown University one day a year later in 1975, I found the very new 10 speed bike that I rode over to the library and had locked to a pole outside -- was gone. A goniff had cut the cable and made off with it (heh). I got over that too.

Stuff like that happens every day. Less dramatic, but by definition just as bad. A theft took place.

Anyway, you surely haven't had enough of Bernie Madoff and his legions of naive dupes (and one superficial rabbi) until you have seen the videos and read the text of Vanity Fair's sob-fest. If you are the type of person who likes to see people losing their lunch, this is the place to go: Madoff's World from Vanity Fair avec much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the online videos...

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