Cuomo Sues Ezra Merkin for Fraud, calling him a glorified mailbox for Bernard Madoff

The 55 page complaint is here: THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK By ANDREW M. CUOMO, Attorney General of the State of New York -against- Plaintiff J. EZRA MERKIN and GABRIEL CAPITAL CORPORATION, Defendants.

Update: The Times has 687 pages of the complaint posted with the exhibits as an adjunct to their article on the Cuomo filing. We call it "Tractate Prevarication."

In the complaint one victim calls J. Ezra Merkin a "glorified mailbox" for Bernard Madoff - because all Merkin did was "passover" investor funds to the Madoff Ponzi scheme (seasonal pun intended).

Until seeing this characterization of Merkin as a mailbox, we just could not figure out what kind of worker Ezra looked liked in the latest news photo of him. He did not look much like an investment guru or a hedge fund manager to us. He did not look  like a rabbi, priest or minister or a professor of English.

But now it is clear. In the picture Merkin looks like a mailman at best, or perhaps, at worst, more like a mob bag man or a numbers runner.

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William Hone, Jr. said...

Merkin's funds were called Ascot, Ariel and Gabriel. Why were Merkin's clients deaf to the shmooze-tones of these pseudo- pietistic and narcissistic- swank sounding funds promising easy money and self-affirming insider status? Maybe Rabbi Jochanan ben Dahabai ( b. Nedarim 20b) had a valid point after all.