NYU Wants Everyone to Hear the Lies of the Lord of Greed and Selfishness J. Ezra Merkin

The Post has a story about NYU's request to make public files pertaining to its lawsuit against J. Ezra Merkin. We don't know what difference this will make. Everyone already knows that he lied and lost billions by giving his investors' money to the Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff.

Now, any investment manager with an iota of responsibility for his profession, with a scintilla of concern for his fellow human being, would have by now made some attempt to reach out to his investors -- ordinary people, universities and charities -- and say to them that he will work the rest of his life to make them whole on their investments, that he will sell his apartment, his house, his paintings, whatever it takes, to provide for them restitution for their losses.

Stop laughing. Yes I know that this notion is about as far from reality as Jupiter is from the sun.

J. Ezra Merkin is the absolute lord of greed and self-interest whose only assurance to his clients after the news of Madoff's confession and since then was the undocumented claim that he has lost his own money too -- as if a single sentient being would care about or believe that utterance.

Be that as it may, to us it makes no difference what his exact verbatim lies were to his clients. But if they are revealed you can rest assured that we will let you know.

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