Soon to be a major horror film: "Erev Shabbos the 13th: the Ponzi Chapter"

We can't wait. Too bad Boris Karloff is not around to play the role of Bernie Madoff.
L.A. Producer Filming Madoff Movie
Filmmaker Speaks With Scheme Victims In South Fla.

Crews from a Los Angeles production company were in Palm Beach County on Wednesday shooting for the movie.

The man behind the project, producer Edmund Druilhet, said his goal is to release the film later this year.

The filmmakers must still talk with people who fell for the scam of the decade.

Madoff took an estimated $65 billion from people across the country -- from cab drivers to retirees to CEOS.

Druilhet is executive producer of L.A.-based Dragonlion Media. He and his staff arrived in West Palm Beach on Tuesday. They're on a mission to tell the story of Madoff's mess on the big screen.

Druilhet said he has plans to turn it into a major feature film and documentary.

"Well I'm doing two projects," he said. "I'm doing 'Madoff: Made Off with America,' and I'm doing 'Satan of Wall Street,' which is how he has been labeled in the media. I'll have about six interviews today, then dinner with some people."

The crew plans to shoot a handful of locations on Palm Beach, including Madoff's mansion, which was recently seized by U.S. marshals.

"This is a very important part of history," Druilhet said. "There's something really incredible that went on here and has gone on here. I think it's much deeper than what we've seen on the surface. I think that this story is going to continue to evolve."

Druilhet said the story hits too close to home. He said his father lost half his retirement with Madoff. He said he has also interviewed victims who live in Aspen, Colo., and New York.

"It makes for a good movie," Druilhet said. "I want to do a very accurate and positive spin on this. I want it to be done right and that's why I took responsibility for doing it."

Druilhey said he plans to show a shorter version of the film at Cannes Film Festival next month. He said he hopes it will hit theaters by mid-August.

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