Was the Times Deceived by Ezra Merkin's Bizarro Sister Daphne?

In the Bizarro World of the old Superman Comics,
...society is ruled by the Bizarro Code which states "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!". In one episode, for example, a salesman is doing a brisk trade selling Bizarro bonds: "Guaranteed to lose money for you". Later, the mayor appoints Bizarro No. 1 to investigate a crime, "Because you are stupider than the entire Bizarro police force put together". This is intended and taken as a great compliment (Wikipedia).
Let's consider two Bizarro World op-eds that were published recently.

The most damning accusations that we read in the Cuomo complaint against J. Ezra Merkin was the pattern of deception that he engaged in over decades - giving all his investors' money to felons and ponzi schemers while claiming brilliance in the financial world for himself.

Deception can take many forms. Daphne Merkin, Ezra's sister, engaged in literary and creative deception when she wrote about Madoff recently on the op-ed page of the Times.

She apologetically called the victims of Madoff's fraud, "casualties," and tried to deceive us all, by making it appear that intentional crimes were actually unintended acts of God.

Now let us fast forward to today to witness some heavy-duty name-dropping tap-dancing in defense of Daphne at the Times by the following folk.
  1. Clark Hoyt, The Public Editor, dedicates his column to the Merkins, "Behind a Byline, Family Ties."
  2. Hoyt invokes: "David Shipley, the editor of the Op-Ed page, defended Merkin’s column and the amount of disclosure in it."
  3. Hoyt throws Mary Duenwald, "one of Shipley’s two deputies" into the stew.
  4. Hoyt talked to Daphne, who reported to him, “I thought many times before accepting the assignment..."
  5. Hoyt hauls in Shipley’s other deputy, George Kalogerakis, who "signed off on" the "disclosure" within the essay that Daphne and Ezra are "siblings."
  6. And finally Hoyt announces, "Andrew Rosenthal, Shipley’s boss, said he thought there could have been more disclosure."
Nobody at the Times deigns to consider the notion that running that op-ed was a complete fiasco, a mistake, an ill-timed and ill-conceived idea.

Why? Because utter hubris protects you from even entertaining such notions.

Speaking of utter hubris, we refer our Orthodox Jewish readers to the wonderful contretemps of the Jewish Press to the op-ed of one Rabbi Avi Shafran who wrote recently that he approved of the character of Bernard Madoff and had no respect for the heroism of Captain Sullenberger. JP's editorial, "Avi Shafran's Bizarro World," starts,
We are still stunned by a column written by Rabbi Avi Shafran, director of public affairs of Agudath Israel of America, which was syndicated last week by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Titled "Bernie, Sully and Me," the column expresses admiration for confessed massive swindler Bernard Madoff and something less than enchantment with Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the airline pilot who made headlines recently for his heroic landing of a crippled jet in the Hudson River....more...
Not to worry though. We are confident that no matter what anyone says, Avi and Daphne will be back to continue their utterly entertaining Bizarro writing. That's how things work in the Bizarro World.

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