Yale’s Jewish a cappella group Magevet Stages “Bernie Madoff: The Musical”

Sounds like this production was a riot. Yale Daily News: "A cappella group mocks Madoff in an original musical." -
...In their skit, the Bernie Madoff character, played by Daniel Olson ’12, lures Magevet into his apartment for a homestay, and convinces the group’s business manager, played by Yedidya Schwartz ’11, to hand over Magevet’s finances with the promise of sky-high returns. For the rest of the concert, the group continued to parody Madoff’s Ponzi scheme with a series of songs.

Once Madoff wins the manager’s trust, he breaks into a jubilant song, “If I Did a Ponzi,” set to the tune of “If I Were a Rich Man” from “Fiddler on the Roof.” At the climax of the song, he sings “Lord who made the Nasdaq and the T/ Would you make me rich as clotted cream?/ Would you wreck my family’s special dream/ If I did a Ponzi Scheme?!”

As Madoff’s plan moves closer to completion, the group sings an updated version of the “Les Misérables” song “One Day More.” In reference to the FBI’s discovery of the fraud, the Madoff character sings “Tomorrow I’ll discover what the FBI can do./ One more scam. One more plot. One day more!”

The musical ends with Madoff’s imprisonment. The song “A Whole New World” — a reworded version of the song from “Aladdin” — mocked the special treatment white-collar criminals receive in jail. The lyrics included references to Martha Stewart and Ken Lay, horseback riding and golf, calling prison “summer camp with no parole...”

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