Conservative and Reform Jewish Seminaries want to bestow Honorary Degrees on Orthodox Rabbi Norman Lamm

In what seems to be a counter-intuitive turn of events, the Conservative and Reform Jewish Seminaries want to give Orthodox Rabbi Norman Lamm Honorary Degrees.

Spokesmen from both the Hebrew Union College and the Jewish Theological Seminary explained to us that Orthodox Rabbi Norman Lamm's quotes in a Jerusalem Post interview have been a major boon to fund raising for both institutions.

Both schools want to honor him with special BS degrees.

The parent movements of Conservative and Reform Judaism agreed that this quote from Rabbi Lamm alone was worth millions of dollars to them when they go out to their base to ask for support. Lamm said,
"With a heavy heart we will soon say kaddish on the Reform and Conservative Movements," said Lamm, head of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.
The leaders of the United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism and the Jewish Theological Seminary were particularly grateful to the Chancellor of Yeshiva University for this observation, which they say they will take directly to the bank,
"The Conservatives are in a mood of despondency and pessimism. They are closing schools and in general shrinking," he said.
The hierarchy of the Union for Reform Judaism - Union of American Hebrew Congregations and administration of the Hebrew Union College applauded Rabbi Lamm for this quote, what they called a "fund-raising home run,"
"The Reform Movement may show a rise, because if you add goyim to Jews then you will do OK," added Lamm, referring to the Reform Movement's policy, starting in 1983, of recognizing patrilineal descent.
Yeshiva University officials were quick to issue this clarification, "We have lauded Rabbi Norman Lamm for years as our master fund raiser. We are pleased to see that he continues his leadership in this field, though we wish he would have stuck to helping us."

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