Times: Daphne Merkin Claims she has Suffered from Depression for 40 Years

In your Times Magazine, Daphne Merkin claims to suffer from depression in a long and whining article.

Our Talmudic question is, if in fact you are depressed, why would you write about it in the Times? Why would you run the risk of someone saying something about you in public like what we say in the next paragraphs?

Ahem. We just don't buy it. We don't think that Ms. Merkin suffers from real depression now or that she has ever suffered from authentic depression in the past.

Based on the preponderance of the evidence now widely available in the press - we think that grandiose public misrepresentation runs in her family.

Interesting isn't it, how Daphne's deep depression mysteriously dissipates when she is told to undergo ECT.

See the urban dictionary entry for "fake depression."

N.B.: As expected by now, there's no mention at all in this Times article of Daphne's brother, the Madoff Ponzi scheme funnel, J. Ezra Merkin. That is because Daphne's real brother and his real misdeeds are simply not part of her fictional imaginary life narrative.

[hat tip to henry]

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bassavino said...

Hah. If one Goggled "tired of daphne merkin" today, your column came out right on top.

Now, my usual Mother's Day present from my kids is the Sunday Times & time to read it on Sunday, and look what I got stuck with. You're right. This doesn't sound like depression. Methinks this chickie rides her emotional teeter-totter on Axis II.