Times' Letters: Daphne Merkin's Obfuscation about her brother Ezra and Bernie Madoff Did Damage

Here's a lesson. Don't mess with the readers of the Times. One representative letter among many says Daphne Merkin's obfuscation about her brother Ezra and Bernie Madoff in her March 2009 op-ed did some damage:
Talk about sins of omission. Things must be awfully incestuous, cozy and ingrown over there for Times editors and their deputies to have presumed that Daphne Merkin’s family relationship with J. Ezra Merkin was of no consequence to her opinion article.

There are real consequences here. I won’t read Ms. Merkin ever again without prejudice. And this episode certainly contributes to an erosion of trust between The Times (which I read faithfully, daily, in print) and its readers. Damage was done.
Oakland, Calif.
More letters along this line to the public editor regarding Daphne Merkin's op-ed are posted at the Public editor's blog. Some are quite scathing critiques of the editorial culture of the Times.

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