Times: Two Seekers Questioning the Accepted Truth -- one at the end of his mission and one at the beginning

Do you thoroughly and critically question the accepted truth that has been taught to you? And if you find out that truth is malarky, or worse, that it is pernicious, do you reject it and tell the world what you have discovered?

The difference between a conservative and liberal. A conservative pretends to be critically searching for the truth when in fact he is playing mind games with his enemies. A conservative has no plan B, no desire to change or to inform the world of a newly discovered truth. Yes, a conservative pretends to alert us to a truth, but instead spreads slander and libel and rumor to crush his foes.

A liberal thrives on new knowledge -- because progress depends on upending the givens and moving on to the new. A liberal discovers truth and reveals it -- to move the world forward away from evil and towards good.

Frank Rich writes about the greatness of Walter Cronkite - he sought truth, he found truth and he told it to us all. He moved our country away from evil. As Rich says so brilliantly about the consummate master,
...What matters is content, not style. The real question is this: How many of those with similarly exalted perches in the news media today — and those perches, however diminished, still do exist in the multichannel digital age — will speak truth to power when the country is on the line? This journalistic responsibility cannot be outsourced to Comedy Central and Jon Stewart...more...
And then there are the rank beginners seeking truth for themselves first -- escaping the leg irons of conservative dogma -- before they can move on to spread new knowledge even to the next person. A college memoir (and we detest memoirs in general - mostly because of Daphne Merkin and her ilk's pompous arrogation of the genre) by a Baptist boy shows us how to unshackle the chains. George Fox University (wherever?) student Dustin Junkert takes his first astonishing stabs at seeking real truth in "What My Faith in God Looks Like":
I grew up quietly and without thought. My mom was a secretary at the Baptist church, and I led the worship team senior year of high school. My youth pastor was one of my best friends. I believed in God and my parents, my friends, and the four walls of my house. All things were within reach, simple and inspiring. And I told my girlfriend I wanted to be a writer...more...
Two seekers of truth - one at the end of his mission and one at the beginning.

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