Turmoil at Yeshiva College as Dean David Srolovitz Unexpectedly Resigns after just 3 years

President Richard Joel has announced in an email that his college's dean (pictured) is resigning (unexpectedly) and that he is appointing a temporary two year replacement.

He says, "I have accepted Dr. David Srolovitz's resignation as dean of Yeshiva College, effective September 1, 2009. David will be on leave as Professor of Physics, as he accepts a high level research opportunity in Singapore..."

The quickly designated replacement-dean is a solid scholar and a real mensch but is hardly the seasoned administrator that one would want to have in the demanding position of college dean, "Professor Barry Eichler has agreed to a two year appointment as dean of Yeshiva College. Dr. Eichler, a graduate of the Yeshiva College class of 1960, earned his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and spent over forty years on its Jewish Studies Faculty as an expert in Assyriology."

Joel concludes his email announcement by sidestepping the dire situation and instead expressing his pleasure at "advancing" -- "These are exciting and challenging times for us all. At Yeshiva Collage, I am pleased that we are advancing in the realms of top academic leadership."

Talmudic Analysis: When a top administrator prematurely jumps ship, this cannot be interpreted as an "advance."

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