Welcome to New Jersey Mr. Gaddafi

We don't like you Mr. Gaddafi. We know that you have committed crimes against humanity. We'd prefer it if you did not come to our country. And well, we'd like it if you dropped dead. (Our morally superior Talmudic wife reminds us to pray not that you die, rather that you repent of your sins.)

Anyhow, since you will be allowed to enter the US and to address the United Nations, we cannot justify trying to stop you from coming to stay over at your own property in nearby Englewood New Jersey.

We think it makes no sense to say - as a bunch of spotlight seekers are doing - that we don't care if you stay in the big city, just don't come to our little town.

You must understand Mr. Gaddafi, New Jersey homeowners do not follow the rules of logic when publicity is in the air. We could give you plenty of examples.

Your neighbor Rabbi Boteach wants to get some publicity out of your planned visit. Bless him. He has every right to use your name to sell his books. The US is based on a democratic free enterprise system.

US Rep. Rothman and Englewood mayor Wildes have every right to make political capital out of your plan to stay in the town. They want the votes and the visibility that you can bring them, and logic plays no role in their PR ventures.

Obviously, we're not offering you a ride from the airport, mind you. But we do want you to know that there is at least one Jew in Jersey who can't see the point of trying to prevent you from staying at your legally owned house in our state.
New Jersey officials tell Gaddafi to stay away
By Claudia Parsons

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The possibility that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi may pitch his tent in the town of Englewood, New Jersey, while attending the U.N. General Assembly next month had local officials in uproar on Monday.

Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes said it would be offensive for Gaddafi even to be allowed a U.S. visa after Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was given a "hero's welcome" on his return to Libya last week...more...

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