Sunday Jewish NY Times: J Street, Daphne Merkin, Ramadan and Borlaug

The New Israel LobbyWe are sure there is more of interest -- these items jumped out at us from the Times today....
The New Israel Lobby By JAMES TRAUB
Can J Street — and the Obama administration — change Washington’s Middle East policy?

Dame of the British InteriorDame of the British Interior By DAPHNE MERKIN
Margaret Drabble’s novels have opened up the famously reserved English character to detailed inspection. So what happens when she looks at herself?

    Drummer Is Up Before the Sun, Waking Brooklyn for Ramadan ...
    During Ramadan, Mohammad Boota plays his drum to wake Muslim worshipers, but the limits of New York hospitality have modified his predawn ...

    And in Minnesota news, University of Minnesota's most famous and important alumnus has passed away. [Borlaug was not Jewish - wish we could claim him - he was a Norwegian Lutheran and a great world hero.]
    Norman E. Borlaug accepted the Congressional Gold Medal in July 2007.
    Norman Borlaug, 95, Dies; Led Green Revolution
    A Nobel Peace Prize winner, he developed high-yielding crop varieties that helped to avert famines worldwide.

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    RonMossad said...

    Just because someone calls themselves “pro-Israel” doesn’t necessarily make it so.


    In the end, J Street is a great “hope and change” alternative to real Israel lobbying. Hope for terrorists and change that reduces the support for the only real democracy in the Middle East.