Times' Frank Rich on Palin, Israel and Blankfein and the Cross

We like Frank Rich's writing and his politics. He is for the people we are for, and against the people we are against.

He also is not the most rigorous thinker on the planet.

Consider this week how he works Israel and Goldman Sachs into his column on Sarah Palin.

Rich sticks these two random Palin planks into his column this week:
Her argument for why “Jewish settlements” should be expanded on the West Bank was that “more and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead.” It was unclear what she was talking about — unless it was the “rapture” theology that requires the mass return of Jews to settle the Holy Land as a precondition for the return of Christ.
Then he interjects this offensive comment, for reasons that we cannot fathom:
Her ever-present booster Continetti, writing in The Weekly Standard, suggested that she recast the century-old populist outrage of William Jennings Bryan by adopting the message “You shall not crucify mankind upon the cross of Goldman Sachs.”
Rich can surely tell us that Palin may be for settlement expansion because of her religious delusions. But Rich ought to make it much clearer that her rapture delusions are dangerous fringe theologies that all of us ought to fear and denounce.

We also think it is utterly appropriate to denounce and oppose the rapacious greed of large Wall Street firms who have made-off with much more money than Madoff and yes, under shady and questionable totally legal programs.

However, Rich certainly ought to make it clearer that it is wrong, incendiary and dangerous to apply crucifixion imagery to a Jewish-founded and Jewish-led business like Goldman Sachs.

Rich sure as heck seems to want to show us that he does not understand religion or the power and danger of some nasty religious ideas and images.

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