Tzvee's Eleven Most Popular Posts of 2009

Buy ten, get one free.

Our eleven most clicked posts, by hit count, for 2009, mainly identified the Jewishness or lack thereof of celebrities, heroes and villains, with two Jewish holiday posts mixed in. Here is what our visitors were most interested in:
  1. Tim Geithner
  2.  Bernard L. Madoff
  3.  David Letterman
  4.  Quentin Tarantino
  5.  J. Ezra Merkin
  6.  Edwin Schlossberg
  7.  Kol Nidre Online
  8.  Robert Allen Stanford
  9.  Arthur Nadel
  10.  Free Haggadahs
  11.  Chesley Sullenberger


Batya said...

Interesting idea for a post. I can't imagine going through a year of mine. I can understand how you got to 11. Why not a baker's dozen at twelve?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

two words - google analytics - just run the report and voilà