Shmuley Boteach Busted by Steve Rothman

We know that for many years Shmuley boasted to anyone who would listen, and many who didn't care to, that he was important because he lived next door to the Libyan embassy in Englewood NJ.

He knew when he bought his house who was living or going to live next door and he said nothing for years and years and years until suddenly last year he became a crusader.

Shmuley sure has the knack for getting headlines and is a genuine celebrity. But he has no power, no clout, no influence in the public sphere to accomplish anything in the Jewish community or outside of it. He claims value in a loud voice. But he creates no value for anyone but himself.

Now Steve Rothman is a real deal public servant and an accomplished politician.

Shmuley attacked Steve, who properly responded  to set the record straight and now Shmuely has hit back seeking more headlines and getting them.

The bottom line is that Shmuely knew, boasted and just now changed his mind.

Once boasted, now busted.

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