Beliefnet's Misogynist Sexist Klinghoffer's Utterly Mean Spirited Post

On Purim, the day that Orthodox Jews read in public in the synagogue the heroic biblical  story of Esther -- David Klinghoffer,  the misogynist sexist writer,  writes on Beliefnet that women could not ever become Orthodox rabbis because it would be, "a violation of the spiritual DNA of traditional Judaism."

He further asserts concerning the Orthodox rabbi who ordained a woman, "Rabbi Weiss seeks to mutate Orthodox Judaism in a radical fashion." And he concludes that, "His cause is doomed."

Klinghoffer's reactionary metaphor is meant to help impede progress and to prevent equal recognition for 50% of the populace, and hence it is fair to call him a mysogyinist sexist writer.

Klinghoffer makes the pernicious mean-spirited declaration that Rabbi Avi Weiss has engendered a mutation of Orthodoxy and suggests that his mutation will die.  Sound familiar? It's the same rhetoric that Norman Lamm, head of the Orthodox Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, used last spring to predict the demise of Conservative Judaism. "With a heavy heart we will soon say kaddish on the Reform and Conservative Movements," Lamm said last May in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

Only Klinghoffer dressed up his nasty ill tempered death prediction as a genetic metaphor. Last week we saw a similarly evil one paragraph condemnation of Avi Weiss by 10 angry Agudah rabbis.

It's just a shock to us that anyone would go public with an obviously misogynist sexist idiotic opinion in this day and age.

The value added to Orthodoxy by empowering women is immense. That Avi Weiss has gone ahead and moved Orthodoxy in that direction should be applauded by all intelligent persons of good conscience who wish to see Orthodox Judaism flourish and prosper.

Meanwhile the soul of Queen Esther glowers down at Klinghoffer from heaven.

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