YU's Mission: Torah for Rich People

Yeshiva University is providing Torah lectures at the global financial services company, Morgan Stanley. It's a fine place to offer lectures on the Talmud, if your mission is to provide Torah services to highly paid financial services employees.
Summer Lecture Series
Morgan Stanley
Join fellow alumni at the second Summer Lecture Series event featuring Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter. The series will take place at Morgan Stanley, hosted by Yoni Shenkman ('07SB) and will feature several YU personalities.Tuesday, July 13th: Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter: On Mourning for the Temple and Jerusalem in 2010.
YU is also providing Torah lecture services to rich cruise ship patrons.
August 9, 2010 - August 16, 2010
3rd Annual Yeshiva University Cruise

Join alumni and friends of Yeshiva University in conjunction with Lasko Kosher Cruises on the 3rd Annual Yeshiva University Cruise, with special guests President Richard M. Joel and Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter. Come aboard the Costa Fortuna with YU and you will explore 7 ports of call in one glorious week with the option of joining tours of Jewish interest. Enjoy daily minyanim, shiurim and lectures led by one of the nation's premier Jewish educators and speakers Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter.
Glorious opportunities from YU, if you are a rich person.

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Reb Yudel said...

They're trailing Chabad and Aish, who have been mining those veins for years.