The Forward Has to Be Kidding: Picower "Possibly Unaware of Ponzi Scheme"

The Forward has to be kidding us when it reports in a headline, Picower "Possibly Unaware of Ponzi Scheme."

The headline reads, "In New Madoff Filings, Largest Beneficiary of Fraud Was Possibly Unaware of Ponzi Scheme."

The story is about Jeffry Picower who ended up with at least $7.2 billion from Madoff investments, money which his wife is returning to the trustee Picard.

The story tells us, "... a new filing by the trustee following his settlement with the Picower estate suggests that Picower may just have been an innocent Madoff victim after all."

A picture caption in the article reiterates, "Barbara Picower with her late husband, Jeffry, who may have been an innocent victim of Madoff."

A bit later the article gets more specific, saying that Picard wrote in his filing, “the Trustee, through his investigation, has uncovered facts which the Picowers claim show that Mr. Picower did not know of or participate in the Ponzi scheme.”

To this blogger, and we would expect, to any ordinary thinking human being, the Picowers' "claim" that they honestly received $7.2 billion and were not complicit in the greatest financial crime in history is utter fantasy.

No way innocent, no how unaware.

The professional standards of journalism and the ethical standards of common decency require that the Forward issue an apology and retraction clarifying that it is sorry for insulting the intelligence of us all by calling Picower a possible "innocent victim" and by saying regarding his participation in the Madoff crimes that he was "possibly unaware".

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