Rabbi Norman Lamm's Book on Purim and the Megillah

Rabbi Norman Lamm is one of the most influential Orthodox Jewish scholars and leaders of our generation. I consulted with him for guidance when I was a young professor starting out on my academic career in Jewish Studies and when Rabbi Lamm was just appointed president of Yeshiva University. He steered me in the right directions. He also steered YU through some turbulent times and helped to rescue it from financial disaster in the late 70s and 80s.

Rabbi Lamm is a staunch and eloquent spokesman for Orthodox Jewish values and philosophies. His new book on Purim is a work of art and of poetic expression. It is an exciting statement of Torah-true theology and commentary. His work is supported by rich knowledge of the texts of the prayers and of the Book of Esther and it is greatly enriched by two thousand years of rabbinic insights.

As a bonus this handsome book includes some of the Rabbi's sermons on other "days of salvation and thanksgiving" that are celebrated by modern Jews. The book speaks in a popular voice accessible to the layperson, Jew and non-Jew alike, thanks to the brilliant editing and contributions to the book by the noted Orthodox theologian, and talented writer, Dr. Joel Wolowelsky.

No doubt, I have faith that this book will enrich this year's Purim celebration for us at home and in the synagogue.

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